Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jesus Camp

The developmentally disabled girl was having a great time, getting in and out of the swimming pool, laughing, splashind and wearing nothing but a t-shirt, now soaked and revealing her body to any who looked. Olen looked. Olen couldn't stop looking. Was it right to look at a disabled girl's breasts? Her breasts weren't disabled. But was he taking advantage of her? Wouldn't the right thing to do be to go tell her that her breasts were showing? Or would that just embarass her further. They were really nice breasts, firm and round and the cold water had her nipples.... Olen needed some guidance and quick.

Kenny, one of the camp counselor's was sitting nearby. He didn't seem to notice the one woman wet t-shirt contest going on. He was too distracted by a gash he'd gotten on his knee rock climbing that morning. "Hey, Kenny, I need to ask you about something."

"Sure, sit down dude. Check out this gash on my knee. Doesn't it look like a pussy?" Kenny then manipulated his knee pussy to say "Hi Olen, how ya doin'? You want to have sex with Kenny's knee don't you?"

Olen laughed, not really sure if it looked like a pussy or not. "Dude, this girl running around the pool..."

"Yeah, nice rack eh? Enjoy it while you can. One of the chick counselors will see it soon and make her cover up." Sure enough, this happened right as Kenny was saying it. The poor girl's smile was gone as a towel was wrapped around her and her completely innocent fun was brought to a close. "Keep looking at my knee or you're gonna get some serious stink eye from Shana." Too late. Olen was being glared at. Shame too. He liked Shana and now she thought he was a pervert. Shana led a now visibly angry young woman away from the pool and Olen went to walk in the woods and pray.

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